Get to know ABC Satellite

You may already know we’ve been in Northwest Arkansas for 18 years, but did you know that this business started with a family dream? Keep reading to get to know our family and the way we’ve grown together through our fun business, ABC Satellite.

Tom: I was an ambitious young man working at a local retail store and wanted to start something of my own that I could share with my family. Years later, we have ABC Satellite. My wife Jan has been on board through the whole journey and we’ve enjoyed bringing on more family members over the years.

Jan: As Tom said, it’s definitely been a journey. We’re glad you visited our page and are interested in finding out more about our service. If you ever have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us. (If Tom doesn’t know, I probably do!!)

Peter: My cousin Jan was nice enough to bring me on board as a technician when her and Peter realized their business needed more help. Northwest Arkansas is a special place and I’m glad I get to help people in our community get connected, alongside my family.

Ben & Angie: You’ll see our two twin labrador retrievers at our retail store from time to time. They’re friendly – say hi!